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Bhojeshwar Bazar and Ghariishara Bazar are the commercial centers of the upazila. From here, various items including rice, wheat and jute were brought commercially to the river banks at different places in the country including Calcutta and Dhaka. In addition, the launches and steamers used to move from Sureswar Ghat and Kartikpur Launchghat to different parts of the country including Calcutta and Dhaka. At present, Bhojeshwar Hat-Bazar, Ghatia Hat-Bazar, Nariya Bazar and mainstream Ganj Bazar are the main trading centers. Apart from this, business trade is run on the river through Wapda Ghat, Chandipur Ghat, Sureswarghat, Naria and Bhojeshwar Ghat. It is now being run commercially with various places of the country.